Why choose St. Philip Early Childcare Center?

Choosing a preschool for your child's first school experience can be both exciting and daunting.  Living in Northern Virginia, you have probably already experienced that we have highly competitive preschools, elementary and high school programs.  However, you want to be confident you have chosen the right program for you and your family.

Many parents give consideration to academics, curriculum, and cost. St. Philip Early Childhood Center (ECC) offers so much more. 

Community/ Faith: 

We start each day with prayer as a community outside under the breezeway. All religion concepts are taught through prayer, songs, bible stories, puppets, and play. Each class says grace before meals and ends the day with prayer. The priests visit the classroom to enrich the curriculum. Prayer services are held every other month and all the parents are invited.

Social Skills:

At this age all learning is done through play and exploration. Preschool helps children learn how to share, navigate their feelings, and express their wants and needs. Music, movement, stories, and role play are important parts of the preschool curriculum. Sitting down for snack as a class and talking builds vocabulary, teaches taking turns, and good manners.

Reading/Language Arts:

Students will begin pre reading skills based on best developmental practices. They are all exposed to word walls and print rich environments. They learn how to handle books and inventive spell. Phonics and letter recognition are part of the pre reading skill focus. Handwriting Without Tears is the program used by all of our classes, with the little ones having the manipulatives and the 4’s having both manipulatives and workbooks.


Counting, sequencing, one to one number correlation, and measurement are just some of the concepts covered in Math. All concepts are taught with manipulatives and visual cues. Teddy bear counters, weights, scales, beads, string, and peg boards are just a few of the items the children have access to explore the mathematical world.


Our beautiful science center has microscopes, little lab coats, light table, dinosaur fossils, and books to enhance student learning. Hands on experiments are done in all classes to encourage inquiry and curiosity.

Social Studies:

The students learn about the world around us, learn to respect one another, and embrace our community. Field trips are taken by the 4 year old classes.

Gross Motor:

Our beautiful outdoor playgrounds give the students the opportunity to run around and be kids. Each of the 3 playgrounds has a sandbox and other equipment. Our indoor playroom has climbers, crawlers, and mats.

Extra Curricular Activities:

There are several different after school activities offered each year. Fliers and emails will be sent home to parents.


Parent Testimonial

"As an alumni of the school, and as a parent to two kids who graduated preschool, the St. Philip’s ECC is a safe and extraordinary place! 

The school has prepared my children for Kindergarten spiritually, academically, & socially with their diverse and modern curriculum (religion, science, Spanish, music, computers, writing, reading, math) and after class activities. My kids were always eager to learn and go back to school every day.

The teachers and staff are caring and kind and truly care about each student and bringing the best out in each child. Your kid will be assessed twice a year to help you focus in on any areas of improvement so that the child’s transition to elementary school will be seamless.

It’s an exceptional place! I have my third child currently attending and the quality of the school remains the same. The community and the priests in this parish are exceptional. Making active followers of Christ is at the heart of this school’s success."
                                Melissa O.