Welcome to St. Philip Early Childhood Center

St. Philip Early Childhood Center (formerly known as Corpus Christ Early Childhood Center) offers both full-day and half-day classes for ages 2 through 5, in a learning environment that encompasses teaching the whole child. We believe that each child deserves a safe, healthy and supportive environment that is equally challenging and engaging.

Our teachers use a multisensory, hands-on learning approach to teach early academics, social skills and faith. Centers are theme-based and incorporate fun and learning through a play-based approach. Free play, story time, show and tell, music, crafts and outdoor play add to the students’ day. 

In addition to the lessons taught by the classroom teacher, each child receives extra classes in music, art and Spanish. Our dedicated music teacher offers an enriched weekly class where the students learn songs, poems and play with basic instruments. Songs and poems help to solidify concepts taught in a fun and memorable way. Our art/Spanish teacher enhances the skills already taught in the classroom and gives the students another creative outlet.

Through hard work, fundraising and donations, St. Philip Early Childhood Center is thrilled to have a new science lab. Opened at the start of the 2017-18 school year, this lab adds fun to our already huge playroom. Students have access to microscopes, safety goggles, little lab coats, magnifying glasses, measures and weights. Teachers use these and many other tools to support students in their exploration of the world around us and to instill a lifelong love of math and science.

As a Catholic school, we encourage faith through many avenues. We welcome families of all faiths. The children have daily religion lessons to help them grow in God’s love. These lessons are reinforced during story time, visits to the church, attending prayer services and enjoying visits from our parish priests.

Parents are confident in knowing their children are being educated in a comfortable and nurturing environment that provides an educational curriculum and allows children to achieve their highest potential.



Parent Testimonial

"We chose to send all four of our children to Corpus Christi Preschool because of its strong Catholic identity, where they each were taught by experienced, nurturing, and kind teachers inside bright and happy classrooms.  They each graduated confident and well prepared for kindergarten. 

Our experience with the director, faculty and staff, and priests was always positive.  They always did whatever they could to accommodate or address any issues we had.  Not only did our children make friends with their classmates, but we too as parents made great friends within this vibrant community. 

We strongly recommend this wonderful preschool. It’s a true gem located in the heart of Northern Virginia."

Jessica R.